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Full Version: Wii or NintendoDS?
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Wii or NintendoDS and family? You must take into account many facts in order to let us know your verdict. Gameplay, Titles, Visuals... It isn't a simple question. Think before you answer. I won't tell you my preference so that I don't change your mind somehow. I'll tell you later.

So? Vote until the end of Easter holiday period (the second Sunday of the next month) so that we can see the final results.
Can I say both? If i can't I choose Ds!
You have to decide on one console. You cannot choose a neutral option. Vote DS then.
I vote Ds!! Sorry Wii!! :\
NDS, any time, any day. I don't know if it's the console itself or the games, but the DS is my favorite console ever, hands down. And of course, my favorite games are all on the DS. The World Ends With You, the Ace Attorney series, Pokémon, etc.

Sure, the Wii's innovative and "strange" style is cool, some games are awesome (SSBB, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, blah blah blah) but yeah, DS still wins.
Nintendo DS, of course. Wii seems incomplete to me. Maybe it's because I was always used to PS(2) and XBOX 360 games, but the features with the wireless remote etc. seems like they need some work. I hope I see improvements at the future. Inthe other hand, DS has some games that litterally FAIL, even the pictures have white pixels around the outlines! Thank god there are good games like Pokemon, Sonic, Mario, Touch Generation Games and Square Enix games like Chrono Trigger (Remake) and The World Ends With You (a thank you to Blue for reecommending it Toungue).
The NintendoDS is by far the best. Lots of great titles, inovative gameplay, hardcore-ness and even the pretty visuals. It's better than the Wii, that's for sure. But this doesn't mean that the Wii doesn't have some excellent games too.
ok Sure DS is great , i remember the first time I played my hand was hurting for 3 hours after that.....(i played like crazy)

But Wii is great too.....I'll vote for it cuz noone voted Toungue
NDS owns!Its the best console ever!Furthermore we have to consider the upcomming 3DS which will ,ake a legendary appearence and pwn Wii
I will wait for the State console that will come after 3DS , i'm sure that it'll have 3D too...Toungue
The Champion is...

Nintendo DS and Family!

I totaly agree with the result as it is my favourite console so far. I can survive without food but not without a DS (Toungue). Next Poll coming pretty soon!
Wii or DS???

Wii i like it mostSmile
Even though the poll is closed I choose DS
I vote DS!DS is my first console.
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