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Full Version: Manga or Anime?
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ok Lots of you now what Manga and Anime are (Manga the japanese comics and Anime the japanese cartoons) but which one of them you prefer , do you prefer to read Manga or Watching Anime?
Having not read manga, I think that their being in a book form renders them better than the anime.
manga own dudes!Furthermore manga always have way more information and special episodes rathen than animes when special episodes are only for money
I prefer Anime!I think manga is kind of crippy Toungue
Though I usually read/watch both, I do prefer manga over anime. Anime always has random fillers or leaves out important information. Manga always has stuff straight from the author, thus I like it more Big Grin
Depends really. I prefer manga, but anime is a better option for fighting/action scenes and such Toungue
anime because i bored readingBig Grin
manga because it's more in the spirit of the video games
Watching Anime.
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