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Full Version: SoulSilver or HeartGold?
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(18-04-2010 09:34 PM)Grovyle_Fan Wrote: [ -> ]Ηο-οh or lugia, it doesn't really matter since you can get both in each game Toungue
It does matter for those who want to catch a Lugia with specific IVs and Nature as its being a 47level Pokemon or so renders it easier to capture it reapededly.

But as a member from nintendo.gr always says "Ubers are for the NOOBS"!
soulsilver cause of groudon



Soul Silver,γιατί μου αρέσει το Lugia!
Well i voted for HG since i have pkmn emerald......the exclusive pkmn in ss can be caught in emerald as well.
I voted for soul silver because i like 1]name
3]I hate gold as a colour
I don't really have a strong preference, but I do prefer HeartGold because I just like the colour gold more.
heartgold. I like Kyogre and latias better than groudon and latios Smile
other than that they're equal Smile
(18-04-2010 02:26 AM)GeorgeSlayer Wrote: [ -> ]Soul Silver,since the original Silver was my first Pokemon game.

George answered for both of us.
Yes.Georgeslayer has answered for us(Silver , my pride and my first pokemon game.....sniff :'( )
lugia that is all just lugia is enoughCool
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