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Full Version: Nintendo DS over Wii. Why?
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So, we got the results of the previous poll I made ("NintendoDS or Wii?") and the winner was by far the handheld wonder. WHY is it the winner though? Because of its gameplay, hardcore-ness, its being a portable game console (as opposed to the Wii) or another reason (in case you vote another, please tell so and say what "other" translates as in your thoughts)?
I vote "other". This "other" it's is ips. Pokemon. Just the best. Easy access on wi-fi also!IT'S SO MANY!!
I vote "other" for one of the reasons pekinoua above me said: Pokemanz!!! Toungue
For once, be unbiased! You love Pokemon - I love them too - but this poll doesn't refer to a title/series. "Other" could be its design for example.
I wish this poll was a multi choice one.I like it because it is portable,but thre'w the wi-fi too.
I voted the 3rd choice!
...its being a portable console*

only because that
mostly because it is a portable console but i really appreciated the wifi access plus the gameplay of some games
It would be awsome for a wii to be portable
(28-11-2010 12:31 AM)none Wrote: [ -> ]It would be awsome for a wii to be portable

It would be kinda impossible to play though.
Nonsense, put it down and wave the remote.
I vote:You like Nintendo DS over Wii because of its gameplay!
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