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Full Version: V Generation starters. Which one do you choose?
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*drum rolls* Toungue
i will choose the fire starter for gen v as i have done in all other generations expt for pokemon pearl
i choose the pig (fire type)
the grass thingy looks better that others... as first evo they look a bit horrible....
i choose the grass type. it's really cute
the same. I love reptiles(especially snakes) Let's hope that it won't be another poison type snake... We want a python or a boa consrictor for final form or a quetzecoatl:
[Image: Quetzalcoatl_web900.jpg]

grass/flying or (impossible) grass/dragonToungue
I will wait till i see the last evolutions.....
Grass. Cause i almost picked the Grass type in all of the previous Pokemon games.
I choose the fire one.Maybe his last evo will be a huge boarToungue
The Grass starter is always the coolest,traditionally !
i will sure choose the grass one
Dragonoids own!
In this gen i will do an exception and i will choose the grass starter.
I choose a grass Pokemon Starter,Snivy!
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