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Full Version: Who is your favorite evil Team?
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Please note that the final option should say: You love at least two but not all of them.

Please comment as to why that particular team(s) is(are) your favorite(s).

Team Rocket and Team Galactic are my favorite teams. I like both their leaders. Giovanni has this aura of authority and he's also the gym leader of the eighth gym in Kanto. Cyrus tries to create a new universe and harnesses the power of Palkia and Dialga. EPIC!
Team Rocket original gangstas 4life
[Image: hB13E97F7]
Team Rocket because MONEY BABY!Toungue
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(C = canon)Toungue
I like Team Plasma. At first they seem like a pokemon version of PETA but it is all a cover for Ghetsis's rather genious plan. And N is my favourite NPC.
(20-04-2013 10:26 PM)Terraplant Wrote: [ -> ]And N is my favourite NPC.

Steven > N.

Anyway , my favourite has always been Magma for some reason , not sure why. i think it's because i liked their signature pkmn. (I Still do.)
Team Rocket of course if you can call Jessie, James and Meowth EVIL Toungue
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