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Bulbasaur is by far my favorite of all the starters. First of all, it is first in the entire National Pokédex, making it number one, obviously. He was probably the first one that was ever officially programmed into the game. I mean, a level 1 Bulbasaur can shred level 100 Uber teams in seconds. Well, perhaps not, but Sub-Seeding is just one of those massively fun annoyer strategies that, if used well enough, can make the opponent disconnect in frustration. Venusaur’s 100 base Special Attack and Special Defense are nothing to laugh at, fortunately. Besides, it gets Sleep Powder, which is better than anything but Spore, Dark Void, and arguably Yawn at inducing sleep. Its Japanese name is Fushigidane! How fantastic is that?

Next in line is the ever-powerful Mudkip, who, as the Pokédex says, has a radar fin, breathes through its cheeks, and can smash boulders larger than itself. That seems incredibly powerful compared to the beginning forms of some of the other starters. Well, anyway, its final evolution, Swampert, is one of the only OU starters. Besides, Swampert comes with only one weakness, and it is immune to the ever-common Electric type, which would normally crush a water type. Not only that, it gets both Counter and Mirror Coat, so it can be like a weak novelty Wobuffett without Encore or Shadow Tag. Also, look at its fantastic design!

Oddly enough, this would not have changed if Diamond and Pearl were factored in; I don't really like any of those starters.
torchik. its SOOOOOOO CUTE! also it grows into a fighting type which is my second favorite type of pokemon.
My favourite starter is Chikorita but I like Bulbasaur too.
My favourite is Chicorita,turtwig and Piplup
my favourites are charmander,turtwig,chimchar,chicorita and totodile.
Charmander! Fire Pokemon (I never choose grass and Squirtle is.....) and it's cute! Charmeleon is ugly but Charizard is Powerful
there all crap but chrizard is the best by miles followed by torterra and blastiose
i start to play pokemon from Crystal version so i vote for totodile Toungue
I would say torchic cuz its final evolution was the first pokemon i ever used and cuz it is a kung fu chicken
Charmeleon is ugly?! Take it back, now.-
Charmeleon's way too cool! Although, I have to admit, Charizard is the coolest of the coolest!
I vote Charmander!
m2, charmander is my first pokemon in pokemon red.

Aluado, you forgot to add some powerful pokemon in this poll, such like Caterpie or Magikarp wich is very powerfull xD
Now i'd normaly go for the most convenient/strong/good looking etc but............i voted for Swampert.It was my first pkmn.Smile
Pikachu because its the only game where you were able to get all staters at the time and it was rhe first game i had gotten with a red gb pocket lol.
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