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Full Version: Arceus or Mewtwo
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Which one do you think would win Arceus or Mewtwo?
Mewtwo would win because Mewtwo is sooooo much better than Arceus.
Arceus is literally 18 Pokemon.17 with Plate and 1 without a plate.
Mewtwo has 2 Mega Evolutions,with Y being superior.X is useless,imo.

So,I choose Mewtwo,just for Mega Mewtwo Y.Toungue
Arceus of course!!
Arceus is a god pokemon not only that but "The Original One"!!!
Arceus is the best of all!!! no one above from the Creator.
Arceus because for some strange reason i hate mewtwo


mewtwo because it is a lot faster beter ofensive and with mega evulution it is a sure win
[Image: 1328.jpg]

Well, what do you think?
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