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Full Version: SoulSilver or HeartGold?
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That's the big question!If you have any arguments,you are more than welcome to post them Big Grin
Soulsilver because Lugia is such a cutie!!
Soulsilver is the best cuz of Lugia (only that is enough)
SS FTW! There's Lugia in it (mascot)
HG ftwBig Grin Ho-oh's sacred fire will burn you allToungue!!
HG too.I already have what I need from soul silver via gts and ho-oh rules!
hg pwns u all. στο κατω κατω, εχω ηδη lugia και πολυ καλα ev trained μαλιστα
i hasn't play this pokemon games yet but i believe soulsiverBig Grin
Soul Silver FTW!Toungue
Soul Silver,since the original Silver was my first Pokemon game.
Soul Silver cause in it it's way easier to get a Latias than in HG and because...what GS said.
SS, cause of Lugia, Groudon(I have Saphire, so it is easy for me to get Kyogre) and Latias, cause it is easier to get good Nature(the same goes to Lugia, cause of its low level in SouSilver)Wink
soulsilver because lugia is one of my favourite pokemon
Ηο-οh or lugia, it doesn't really matter since you can get both in each game :P
I got Soul Silver because of Groudon(I never owned one), Latias(which I will hopefully be able to obtain via event) and for the plain reason that SS sounds and looks cooler.
Just a random fact: sales of HGSS in Greece report something along the lines of SS: 70% and HG: 30%
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