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Which starter do you like more? Until advanced generation, of course, and why?
I, for example, love Chikorita. It's a good tank/annoyer, which is my favorite battle style.
Squirtle.It was my first Pokemon and I still have it in my team.Great Defences,Haze...
I will agree with Blue. The best pokemon, in my opinion, to start with in Kanto was Squirtle. I didn't care about defenses etc then (nor now but nevermind... Toungue), but it was the easiest to train. If I remember well, "lvl 8=Bubbles" Smile
I didn't like Yellow just for that. There was no Squirtle obtainable and above all, there was a Pikachu that refused the will of its Trainer(ME!!!!) to get evolved into Raichu! Grr...
Totodile. It can be used as a Physical Sweeper and Special Sweeper. It was not very easy to train and that's why I love it. My first Pokemon to reach Lvl.100 w/o Missingno. + Rare Candy.
(Vensires, you can obtain Squirtle in Yellow after beating the third gym leader)
I'd originally say "The one the Rival got in Yellow", but you already know it! Wink

IMHO, mudkip and evos are really sturdy Pokemon that can fit into many roles and battle most of the Hoenn Leaders.

PS: I can't wait to see the new starters. I think I am gonna love them. Big Grin
I will choose the Blue Pokemon as usuall.The Water/Steel type of its final evolution seems VERY exciting
I like charmander. Not for the movepools etc. but cause it changes much. From the cute charmander to the bossy charizard!!!
Charizard can also be a powerful Physical Sweeper!!!
I like fire pkmn, Except Charizard!

So I choose Cyndaquil..

I'll probably will choose the monkey in Diamond/Pearl
Charmander. It was the first Pokemon I started training, it's fire pkmn and it evolves to one of the best Physical Sweepers!

I'll probably choose the blue or the green pokemon in D/P...
I am not sure which one I will choose. I think I will wait to see their movepools first.
i would say Cyndaquil!! Because i like it and it evolves into Typhlosion, which is powerfull,too!! CYNDA!!
My little brother told me to write here he likes Charmander...
Sorry if I was flooding.
Charmander. It was my starter in Red. And then in FireRed. I like fire type a lot..
Of course I vote Charmander. It's so cute and evolves in the powerful Charizard
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