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Pokémon G/S Password Generator

This form can generate a password which allows you to reset the clock in the US and European versions of Pokémon Gold/Silver. To reach the password screen, press SELECT + ↓ + B simultaneously in the title screen (where Ho-oh and Lugia appear) and select YES to view the time password prompt. In Pokémon Crystal press SELECT + ↓ + B, then release ↓ + B but still hold SELECT, then press ↓ + B and release SELECT afterwards.


Enter your character’s NAME, your ID number and your held MONEY and click on Generate Password. If you want a universal password, put 0 as your amount of money, then everytime you need to change the time, give the money to your character’s mom to hold.

  • The PK character must be entered as #
  • The MN character must be entered as @
  • The × character must be entered as *
  • Your NAME is case sensitive: ASH is not the same with Ash.