“The Website Previously Known as Legendary Pokémon.”

Write with us

So, if you’ve read about us and believe that your values align with our own, then we’d be excited to work together.

We want the public to understand that animé and video games in general, as high-tech works of intellect, and as contemporary media for quality entertainment. We also want to shed light on the communities that revolve around them and study how they provide ground for educated discussions, allow for artistic expression and foster honest relationships.

Submissions are always welcome and we’re eager to work with writers sharing our interests in Pokémon. We would be very glad to host articles by both seasoned gamers and people that haven‘t written about games —or Pokémon in particular— before. We’re very interested in fresh opinions and perspectives from other communities and diverse fields, such as philosophy, sociology, history, biology, design, architecture, art and more.

The articles we’re mostly looking for should be easy to read and understand by people that have no clue about video games. However we’re also interested in in-depth guides and opinion pieces that cater to seasoned gamers and will reinforce the backbone of our own community. Either way, your article should meet the standards you’d imagine a nice newspaper to have, spell and fact checking included.

Let’s get it straight: we’re not able to compensate writers yet, and though we firmly believe that all work should be paid, we haven’t yet managed to generate revenue to sustain that effort —we’re working on it. But if you’re still interested in what we try to accomplish, or if you’ve already written something that may be of interest to the Pokémon community, then we should definitely work together! We don’t reserve exclusivity and you’re free to post your articles elsewhere, or retract them at any time.

Please send a sample of your work to [email protected] —if possible— in plain .txt text or in the form of a Google document and we’ll get in touch.