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Nintendo revealed more on the Pokemon Card E.

by Morty

At its Spaceworld show, Nintendo announced Pokemon Card E for the Game Boy Advance, an “update” to the Game Boy Color title Pokemon Trading Card Game. (It’s not yet clear if this means that Card E will be a remake or a sequel.) Pokemon Card E will be the first game to interact with the upcoming Card E Reader peripheral for the Game Boy Advance. This unit lets players scan barcodes that will be included with a new line of Pokemon trading cards. Each card will feature several barcodes. Barcodes on the sides of the card will yield special animations and mini-games (see screenshots and photos below), while the barcodes at the bottom will call up information such as a Pokedex entry or evolution chart. Scanning several barcodes in combination can sometimes up additional features. No release date for Pokemon Card E has been announced yet

Source: Gaming Intelligence Agency