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by Morty

With the release of the the Movie 5, the "E theater limitation VS pack" will be out for sale including cards associated with the movie. The sale date is July 13th of 2002 (Saturday) and the desired retail price is 1,000 Yen (including tax). The following text is the translated from Pokemon-Card.
[" The protection God ラティアス of capital of theater edition pocket monster water and the pack which commemorates the release of the ラティオス ", the " ポケモンカード E theater limitation VS pack " becomes sale! 1 human ぶ which consists of the card which is associated with the movie are 30 half decks and the original coin having entered, opening the pack with " half deck rule, " it can also play directly. As for the card of the ポケモン which has entered, only the seed ポケモンカード. Also the evolution ポケモン, appears as a seed ポケモンカード. Of course, also " the ラティアス " of large participating and the card " of the ラティオス " have entered with the movie! July 13th (the Saturday) from, it can get at the theater edition pocket monster screening theater of entire country! The inside permitting/inserting:30 half decks/1].
Lugia of course has made it appearance at E-Cards and now it is a card classified as "colorless type" and it is inculed in E extended pack 3rd feature sea. As for more information see this translated text.
[As for main of stage " of wind from ポケモンカード E extended pack 3rd feature sea " seabed ruins. The ポケモン which is associated with that seabed ruins appears mainly. It becomes first appearance even among them, in " the ニュートラルポケモ&#12531 " large attention!
This ポケモン is classified by " colorless type ", just the turn which attaches the basic energy card of 3 types which are decided, the ポケボディー [ crystal type ] works, the same as the energy which is attached " type (color)" changes.]
That’s all for today and sorry for lack of updates for long time.