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Cards – E-Cards Part 2

by Morty

After all these cards it’s time for the Latiosu and Latiasu card which looks pretty cool, but I don’t know that much for this card. Many things are unclear about this card and the only actual information I could find is that this card has 4 times bigger size than the usual cards and they are called jumbo cards. Also below there is a picture of the Pichu Card.
As always here is the translated text, even I think that all things in the text are really unclear due to the translation. Also all this info is from Pokemon-Card:
[When it goes to seeing, the jumbo card " of the ラ tear ス and the ラ テ ィ male " can get " the protection God ラティアス and the ラティオス of capital of theater edition pocket monster water "! Size, at 4 times that of the usual card, has become the キラカード. The ポケモン other than the ラティアス and the ラティオス which are drawn in illustration, in the movie it appears in a various way. It appears somewhere, secret. While searching the ポケモン of the jumbo card in the screen, the movie furthermore pleasantly it is concave!
* Because it becomes distribution in first-come order, as soon as to become without it becomes end. Please acknowledge beforehand.]Below are some more pictures feauturing three colorless energy cards and an entei one as E-Cards. Pretty cool, huh?
With the incredible E-Card you can play games using cards, you can see a short movie, you can also use some tools. But surely this isn’t all, we have still to wait in order to learn more information but for start I will post some info and images. Also the following info is from the Card E leader Private Site. And we continue with the E-Card System. Here is some information about the system which is unknown when it will make its appearance in USA and Europe.

  • Type name: AGB-010
  • Maximum electric power consumption: Approximately 200mW (from game boy advance supply)
  • Substance size: Side 95Χ vertical 98.6Χ height 42.8mm
  • Base machine mass: Approximately 70g