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4 new Pokemon revealed!

by Arty2

A new japanese advert features two new Pokemon, a piranha-like one and another with crystals for eyes [see the advert here]. The name of the baboon-like Pokemon has also been revealed and confirmed as Yarukimono while the other Pokemon from the anime pictures is confirmed as Jiiransu. There have also been rumours about 2 other Pokemon which appeared in adverts in Japan but there’s no official picture of them yet. However, we present you the one of them. Also, don’t forget to check Houen’s similarities with Kyushu, the Japan’s southern island [here]. And finally, our [chat] is back so get yourself and come to [chat]!
Pictures (not the Pokemon) above copyrighted by Legendary Pokemon
It has also been reported in the latest Nintendo Online Magazine that the player will be able to buy decorations for the secret base in town stores and that some attacks affect Pokemon’s stats like cuteness, happy ness etc. All these, with two new screenshots. Also in this picture, except the shiny Charizard, there’s a big blue bid (100% not Articuno) that we believe it another new Pokemon since its shadow existed in an older advert
Advert source: www.serebii.net
Screenshots source: NOM

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