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More F/L news!

by Arty2

It seems that the japanese official Pokemon website has updated with more info about Fire Red/Leaf Green. A new feature revealed is the “Union room” (probably Meeting room in the english versions). There, using the wireless adapter which comes with the game, you can communicate with other players in the nearby area without cables. In that room, you can chat with others (yes, chat!) and what is more Pokemon battle and exchange can be carried out freely, without connecting a communication cable one by one. This is what will totally change the way we play Pokemon. The second new feature revealed is the “help function”. The player will no longer need to read endless booklets. Just press L and everything shal be revealed. The third amazing new feature is that when the player enters a forest or a cave, you get to see a scene with his viewpoint.

Source: www.pokemon.co.jp

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