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More on Pokemon Emerald!

by Arty2

According to the recent Coro-Coro magazine, Pokémon Emerald will be released in Japan on 16th September and will cost 4800¥, including a Wireless Adaptor like Fire Red/Leaf Green. What we else we know about it:
– Both Team Magma and Team Aqua will appear in this game.
– There will be new places and buldings in Hoenn to visit.
– First time appearing “Battle Frontier” will have 7 big battles.
– A tournament called “Battle Dome” will have battles of 3 Pokémon (in the team).
– The player chooses at random of of the 3 entrances of the “Battle Tube”.
– Pokémon will have animated graphics like in Pokémon Crystal.
– Additional trainers may enter a battle if you battle an in-game trainer when they are facing the opposing attack partner.
– More about the game will be revealed in Pokémon Festa 2004.
We tried to get the most accurate translation we could and we will inform you again as soon as we learn something new.
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Source: Quiter Online Magazine
Edit:Official Pokémon Emerald site

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