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by Arty2

So, the official japanese Pokémon Emerald site has revealed more on the new game. Kyogre and Groudon join in an epic battle as we knew from Coro-Coro and possibly Rayquaza is the one that is going to save the day… As for the “Battle Frontier” it seems to be some kind of of special battling area. As it seems you can enter it after beating the Elite Four. It has 7 different areas with variouis trainers, where the Pokémon battle in the site they are surrounded by (for example water, grass). More about it will be revealed on August 13th which for some strange reason appears to be a Friday… The new double battle system is confirmed (see previous news reports) plus we learn that Pokémon animations depend on their feelings and on the actions that take place in the battle.

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