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Downloadable IV Calculator!

by Arty2

A friend of mine ( 😉 at Fox ) showed me an R/S IV Calculator of him, written in Excel. Nice idea indeed, a portable IV Calculator (along with a Hidden Power Calculator) would be the tool that every serious trainer should have, unfortunately Excel isn’t what I would call cross-system compatible and neither are stand-alone .exe’s. Then Javascript came up to my mind, if only I knew JavaScript… Anyway, I payed a visit to W3 Schools and what do you know, my PHP script needed so few changes to become a JavaScript script. Here it is trainers, the first cross-system (only a browser is required) downloadable IV calculator. Visit the page and select “Save as…” in your browser to download it to your computer and then tell all your friends! Note: JavaScript is not the same with Java. Secondary news: a list (with images) of R/S Secret Base decorations has been added.
Emerald Deoxys base stats HP:50 Attack:95 Defence:90 Sp.Atk:95 Sp.Def:90 Speed:180. Note: We’re the first site to post this (10:04 GMT).
For some Emerald screenshots check Filb.de.

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