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Sticky reminder.

by Arty2

Many of you may often use those Post-It like sticky reminders either on your fridge or even on your computer. Today I came up with something innovative, although I don’t really know how useful it can be. I added a new feature called Sticky reminder in the Control Panel, which allows you to have a “sticky reminder” appear in the top of all pages in Legendary Pokémon. It is drag-able so feel free to move it around if it sometimes covers the content.
For the web-designers: The text and the color information is stored on cookies which stay “alive” for 5 days. It is styled with CSS and is nothing more than an fixed positioned DIV (absolute for Internet Explorer). The drag effect is powered by Javascript (which took me like an hour to make it work under the Strict DTD in Mozilla).
For everyone: Just post your comments and thoughts about it here 🙂 .

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Heracles is an Athens-based architect and designer.
He founded LegendaryPKMN in 2001.