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Pokemon Emerald Features

by Eraleas

Pokémon Evolve!
But so do Pokémon games!

Many of you reading this article would say, “Why does he even bother informing us about Pokémon Emerald? It’s the same ol’ thing! I’ve played through Ruby/Sapphire and it was great! Not gonna spend any more money on a game I’ve already played!”

So you tell me you didn’t say it? Well I originally did but quickly came back to my senses! What am I saying? It’s a whole, NEW world to play in!

In this article, I will not simply present you 10 reasons why you should buy Pokémon Emerald. 10 is too little…

Graphics: An Emerald shine!
The graphics of the game, quality wise have slightly changed. Pokémon now “animate” when coming out of their balls, a feature seen in Pokémon Crystal, but surely much better. However this ain’t the only thing that has been altered.
The player sprites have changed their look, now wearing green outfits to better fir Emerald’s theme and so have most of the Gym Leaders!
Cities and entire buildings have been edited; the gyms now have different layouts!

More battles than ever before!
More clashing battles are expecting to be witnessed in Emerald.
The biggest of the features might as well be the Battle Tents and the Battle Frontier. What are these? Simply beat the Elite Four and visit Slateport, Verdanturf and Fallarbor Cities, where brand-new buildings have now replaced the Contest Houses; the latest have been moved to Lilycove’s building where all contests are now held.
Within these Battle Houses, you may fight against various Pokémon Trainers. This might remind you of Pokémon Tower. This is totally different, and much more intriguing!
– In Slateport City, you get a random selection of 6 Pokémon and are asked to choose 3 among them to battle with. Winning the match, gives you the opportunity to switch one of your current Pokémon with one of your opponent’s! Who wouldn’t try that?
– In Verdanturf Town, the selection is made by you among your own Pokémon and your opponent’s critters will take the same level as your own highest level Pokémon. However, you will not make the decisions concerning their moves: the Pokémon will attack randomly with one of their moves, depending on their personalities!
– In Fallarbor Town, the selection is made by you among your own Pokémon and your opponent’s critters will take the same level as your own highest level Pokémon. This time around, you will have to KO your opponent within 3 rounds in order to win. If not, the winner will be decided based on how well each trainer battled!
– Visit the Battle Frontier, a Theme Park of Pokémon battling! It includes 7 different thematic battle events: Battle Tube, Battle Dome, Battle Arena, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, Battle Factory and Battle Tower! Deafeat the Frontier Brains in tough battles that hold nothing back!

However, even more chances to battle have been added:
– A trainer tower, the Trainer Hill north of Mauville City has made its appearance!
– 2 VS 2 battles are now more difficult as well as frequent: trainers on same routes unite to wipe you out!
– Have a rematch against the Gym Leaders after defeating the Elite Four, who will now train their Pokémon up to level 50 and challenge you on 2 VS 2 battles as well!

Story of a Legend!
Pokémon Emerald takes you through a changed –should I say parallel- story.
– Your Pokénav now has an Entry Call, a feature similar to the phone on G/S/C.
– The Gym Leaders and Elite Four, have all been given new outlooks and new gym designs! Juan is now Sootopolis’ Leader, Wallace the new champion and Steven… well you’ll just have to find out! However, he does team up with you to wipe out Team Magma in the Space Station in Mossdeep City!
– While Team Aqua use their submarine as their secret base of operations, Team Magma have found a cozy place on Mt. Chimney in which you enter when Maxie is about to awaken Groudon!
– Groudon and Kyogre now clash in battle! You are sent to awaken Rayquaza, the guardian of the skies to stop them! The two titans then retreat to their new residences: the Land Cave and the Sea Cave, two new additions! Where are these caves? Pay a visit to the Weather Institute and find out! Beware however since both of them are level 70!
– Search for the Altering cave, another new feature! What could be hiding inside this cavern?
– See how the Traits have been updated in the new version: watch your Nosepass as it attracts wild Skarmory’s and Camerupt helping you out with the hatching!

Gotta catch ‘em all!
This time around, you may even catch more Pokémon than ever before!
– Pay the professor a visit after defeating the Champion and obtain the national Pokédex and one of the G/S/C starters!
– Sudowoodo is making his appearance in the game! Simply use the Wailmer Pail on him!
– Smeargles now hide in a cave!
– Choose your destiny: Latias or Latios? When asked, reply either blue or red!
– Obrain both Fossils, one before and the other after defeating the Elite Four by taking a chance in the challenge of the Illusion Tower!
– Defeat the Elite Four and the Safari Zone will get even bigger, containing Pokémon such as Miltank, Mareep, Pineco and Snubull!
– Catch Mew! However another ticket will be given away in order to catch the elusive Mew!
– Transfer Deoxys and watch him take his new Speed Form and learn moves such as Extremespeed and Agility!

Well, that is about everything I could include in these lines! I was also tempted to present some unconfirmed info but I resisted it!
Keep checking out this section and be patient until this great game is released!