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Pokemon TCG: EX Deoxys

by Eraleas

More news in the TCG section! It has been officially stated that the new card set, also known as “EX Deoxys” is due for release on February the 14th in the US.


There are two preconstructed Theme Decks, Starcharge and Jetstream that come at the cost of $10.99 each, depicting Deoxys and Rayquaza respectively, as do the four Booster Packs which illustrate Deoxys, Attack Deoxys, Defense Deoxys and the almighty Rayquaza at a cost of $3.29 each.
Cards include Deoxys in various of his forms, Rayquaza, Jirachi and Metagross! New trainer and energy cards, in a set that features over 100 new cards!

Legendary Pokémon .net, will try to obtain more scans of the cards!
Keep checking back!

Source: www.pokemon-tcg.com