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Pokemon of the Week

by Eraleas

It is finally up! Pokémon of the Week evaluates a Pokémon per week, proposes movesets for both battles and contests as well as training methods! Say hello to Pokémon of the Week, Venusaur!

  • The Pokémon are decribed numerically, according to the National Dex; Bulbasaur is first and so on…
  • Only the highly evolved forms of Pokémon who originally evolve will be described. This is done because most of the trainers won’t keep their lowest forms too long and because 386 weeks is gonna be a really long time. However, we might make some exceptions on that.
  • We will not include Pokédex info, TM/HM compatibility, Animé appearances etc. These will be done on other sections later on.
  • Make sure that you are aware what are the “Base Stats” and “Effort Points”, as game terms. If not, you will find a useful link at the bottom of the “Pokémon of the Week” page.
  • We expect you to suggest your own movesets for either battles or contests (or both). We will take them into account and might add some of those.