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New Pokemon revealed!

by Eraleas

Rukario’s Shadow

The new issue of Coro-Coro magazine, confirmed the existence of a new Pokémon, that will probably make its appearance in the Diamond and Pearl versions for Nintendo DS. The other known Pokémon is Gonbe or Munchlax, as is its English name.
Its name is “Rukario” and will make an appearance in the upcoming movie, “Mew and Wave Guiding Hero” which will feature Mew, the Regi’s and Rukario. Only one scan exists, simply showing a shadow of it; from the silhouette, we could say that its head looks like Kirlia’s or Blaziken’s and his body like Mewtwo’s but nothing is sure till we get a full “colored” view of it.
We will try to obtain and post more info on this elusive Pokémon the soonest possible!
Edit by Arty2: I edited out the figure from the Coro-Coro scan and made it clearer. You can still see the original scan here.