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Small updates…

by Arty2

Firstly, I made the URLs in the Attack database. a bit friendlier and easier to remember.
Secondly, have a look at Famitsu on Pokémon Center Yokohama (translate).
Thirdly (please ignore that) : “Many people seek Munchlax pictures or 3d Munchlax sprites. Sometimes it’s Gonbe, other times Gombe. They ask, “where do I find Munchlax?” “How do I catch Munchlax?” People are so curious. One site that often gets these searches is Pokémon Forever. Some even search for “snorlax’s baby” and the like. Perhaps zettaireido also seeks knowledge of Munchlax? Munchlax has nothing to do with Megablock Dragons fire and ice games. No, this long post isn’t to trap Googlers.

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