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Belated Pokemon Emerald news.

by Arty2

As you probably know, Pokémon Emerald is already out in the US since May 1st. That means, that you are going to see a lot of Emerald related stuff on the site soon enough. I have also started working on our Pokédex which may take one or two months to be finished (since I’ll be really busy with my Univercity cources).

You may also know that the “Battle in Seattle” event has a winner! As the official site says:

The dust has just settled at the Battle in Seattle, and Chris Darrling has won a trip for two to the new Pokémon Park in Nagoya, Japan!

Over a dozen finalist Pokémon masters met on April 30 at Seattle’s famous Space Needle to duke it out in the Pokémon Emerald Frontier Battle, and Chris Darling came out on top, defeating Mike Papagianis who also had a great day and finished in second place.

The United States and Canada were divided into seven competitive Battle Frontiers for a month-long series of knowledge tests of Pokémon characters and their abilities. Two finalists from each Battle Frontier bested more than 36,000 contest registrants during the Pokémon Emerald Frontier Battle competition online. These finalists put their skills to the test at the Battle in Seattle, high atop Seattle’s Space Needle: the Emerald City Battle Tower.

“I was losing very badly until I pulled out Rayquaza. It had Hyper Beam, and I don’t think anyone expected it to use that,” said Chris, who hails from Florida and represented the Brave Battle Frontier in the competition. Chris defeated Saskatchewan’s Mike Papagianis, who represented the Ability Battle Frontier.

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