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Our Pokedex is completed at last!

by Arty2

After countless hours of work and many lines of code later, our Pokédex is finally completed; it now contains all the Advanced Generation information a trainer might ever need. Of course, the Attack Database has been updated too and is now even more powerful since it has been enhanced with more data and search filters.

Here’s a few things it comes with: powerful filters for easier search, smart-search which detects typhographic errors, userfrieldy URLs, lots of Pokémon sprites, Pokémon Cries, smart size-compare function and much more since the features won’t stop there! However, we are still missing a few things like foreign language Pokémon name lists, Colloseum models etc. but if you think you can help, check the main Pokédex page and of course if you notice any errors contact us as soon as possible.

If the above is not enough, then you may want to try our new ID number event calculator which now correctly calculates all the ID number based events.

Post your comments about all the above here and help us make the site better with your feedback; because it’s you the visitors, that we do all these for.

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