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Pikachu Pokemon Worm!

by Eraleas

No it’s not a new version of Pikachu, neither is it a website! It’s a worm that infiltrates your system through your email!

Symantec reports:

W32.Pokey.Worm (also known as Pokémon, I-Worm.Pikachu, Pokey.bat, Pokey) is a worm that propagates as an attachment by email. When the attachment is executed, it will display an animation of a Pokémon character. The worm also has a payload that deleted the contents of the Windows and WindowsSystem folders.

If W32.Pokey.Worm is executed, it does the following

It emails itself to everyone in the Microsoft Outlook address book. Only systems running Outlook are affected. The worm will not run on Outlook Express.

Finally, the worm modifies the Autoexec.bat file to delete the contents of the Windows and WindowsSystem folders the next time that you start the computer. A prompt will be displayed before the commands to delete the content of those folders are executed. (This affects only Windows 95/98/Me computers)

We seriously recommend that you do not open the email and/or execute the file!