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Pokemon of the Week RS: Parasect

by Eraleas

Parasect Artwork

General info

Bug Grass
Effect Spore (The opponent has a 10% chance of being induced by Paralyze, Poison, or Sleep when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon)
Base Stats
  • HP: 60
  • Attack: 95
  • Defense: 80
  • Special Attack: 60
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 30

Parasect is one very underused Pokémon, mostly because of its terrible Speed stat. Its HP and Defenses are average but its Attack stat is not way too bad. One obvious advantage of Parasect is its ability to learn utility moves such as the all-powerful sleep-inducing move, Spore and the useful and uncommon, Aromatherapy. Watch out for its x4 weakness to Fire and Flying and switch when you can predict Pokémon of these types appearing on the field. Only players who know how to use slow Pokémon should pick this one up.

Online Pokédex
Click here

Role #1: Supporter

Item Held
Sprite of LeftoversLeftovers (Recovers a small amount of Hit Points at the end of each round)
Impish (+Defense –Special Attack)
Effort Points
252 HP, 129 Defense, 129 Special Defense

Despite its low Speed, Parasect makes one fine Supporter. First of all, induce your opponent with Sleep, using Spore and set up Light Screen to protect yourself from possible physical attacks. Just in case some of your party Pokémon are affected by a special condition, use Aromatherapy and follow up with Hidden Power Bug attack, until you notice that your opponent is switching or waking up.

Role #2: Physical Sweeper

Item Held
Sprite of LeftoversLeftovers (Recovers a small amount of Hit Points at the end of each round)
Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
Effort Points
252 Attack, 129 Special Defense, 129 Defense

Begin with Spore and follow up with Swords Dance during the free turn that you are given. If the opponent doesn’t switch, use Swords Dance twice and carry on by attacking with Sludge Bomb which also has the chance to poison the opponent or Aerial Ace which should be used against other Grass and Bug Types mostly. You may replace Sludge Bomb with Hidden Power Bug for the STAB damage.

Egg Moves

These are the moves Paras can learn through breeding with Pokémon of the Bug and Plant Egg Groups. Click here for the Pokémon it can get them from..

Training Grounds

This section is to advise you on the areas in which you can train for the acquisition of the Effort Points presented above. It is recommended you use 10 vitamins on the stat you desire to raise. Do not use vitamins on stats that require less than 100 Effort Points. Equip the Macho Brace on your Pokémon to speed up the process even more.

Rusturf Tunner [Wishmur +1]
Fish with Super Rod on Route 118 [Carvanha +1]
Any Diving Route [Clamperl +1]
Granite Cave [Aron +1]
Victory Road 1F, B1F, B2F [Lairon +2]
Special Defense
Route 114 [Lotad +1] [Lombre +2] (Sapphire only) [Swablu +1]
Any Sea Route [Tentacool +1] [Tentacruel +2]
Fire Red/Leaf Green
Viridian Forest [Caterpie +1]
Routes 16, 18 [Doduo +1] [Dodrio +2]
Viridian Forest [Metapod +2] [Kakuna +2]
Special Defense
Any Sea Route [Tentacool +1] [Tentacruel +2]


Item Held
Sprite of Green ScarfGreen Scarf
Contest Moveset 1
Hidden Power [Smart]
Sweet Scent [Smart]
Poisonpowder [Smart]
Aerial Ace [Cool]

As I’ve mentioned before, Grass Types are mostly suited for Smart Contests since Grass type moves tend to fall under this category. Hidden Power is a Smart move that can be used each round without bothering the Judge and it gives away three Appeal Points which is surprisingly good beacuse of yhe fact the Smart type moves usually jam than give away Appeal Points. Sweet Scent and Poisonpowder form a nice, highly Jamming combo. Aerial Ace, eventhough a Cool type move, will boost your total points if you appeal first. You should watch your opponents’ moves and act accordingly and always attack with Aerial Ace when first in the row.

Useful Links: If you are not familiar with game language used above, read through the
Stats & Training Guide, the Team Building Guide and the Egg Group Guide. More guides shall be added soon to help you out. If you have suggestions on additional movesets for either Battles or Contests, please post them in the Comments section. I will then evaluate them and probably add some of them, giving you credit.