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Revolution-ary News!

by Eraleas

As expected, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s speech that was held today in Tokyo, revealed the company’s aim, to broaden the population of video game players, presenting as examples the upcoming game fot the Ninttendo DS, Nintendogs, and the all-new controller for Nintendo’s upcoming console, Revolution!

The controller design is -as the console’s name reveals- revolutionary! This brand new style now permits players to use only one hand instead of two while playing a game, something which was never done before in the history of gaming!

“The feeling is so natural and real, as soon as players use the controller, their minds will spin with the possibilities of how this will change gaming as we know it today,” explains Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president. “This is an extremely exciting innovation – one that will thrill current players and entice new ones.”

The speech ended with the positive response of the major publishers about this innovation which proves a fresh, flexible way to experience gaming. Finally, incorporated technology will also allow games from Nintendo’s older game consoles to be controlled in a similar way.

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