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Trainer Database!

by Arty2

You might think we have completely neglected the website; well the truth is that real life keeps us really busy lately. But here’s a preview of something we’re working on: the Trainer Database. However it is still in beta version and many things shall change. The Trainer Database’s sources will open to the public some time in the near future.

In other news, Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon already got into Japanese top-game charts, the Nintendo Wi-Fi is live in both USA and Europe (including Greece of course) and PokemonCenter.com got a clean-HTML and CSS redesign; it’s really good for a start (if I am not mistaken, it’s the only Nintendo website that follows the web-design trends), but they can still do better.

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Heracles is an Athens-based architect and designer.
He founded LegendaryPKMN in 2001.