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Pokemon of the Week RS: Golduck

by Eraleas

Golduck Artwork

General info

Damp (Explosion and Selfdestruct will not work while the Pokémon is on the field) / Cloud Nine (All weather effects are negated while the Pokémon is on the field)
Base Stats
Golduck is an average Pokémon with balanced Stats and a slightly high Special Attack. It seems it could be a Psychic Type as well, but is apparently not, eventhough it does learn numerous moves of that type. It can take hits and give them back given the right moves. If you are looking for a non-overused Water Type, Golduck would be a very good choice.
Strategy against Golduck
Do not take a Golduck too lightly but do not consider it a major threat either! It’s all around Stats permit it to perform well in most battles but a swift, super effective thing will be able to knock it out of the field. Consider using disabling moves such as Thunder Wave or Confuse Ray before attacking it as it might have the time to increase its defenses considerably.
Online Pokédex
Click here

Role: Special Sweeper

Item Held
Sprite of Salac BerrySalac Berry (Speed increases when Hit Points drop low)
Timid (+Speed –Attack)
Effort Points
252 Speed, 129 Special Attack, 129 Special Defense
A typical Special Sweeper, Golduck is equipped with the appropriate berry, to further increase its very average Speed. EVs are allocated in Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense so that Golduck is not only able to give hits but to receive some as well, before fainting. Prefer Surf over Hydro Pump only if you really need the Power Points and accuracy. Hydro Pump is to powerfully STAB-blast enemies while Psychic is there for all others. Prefer Hypnosis over Ice Beam if you feel like needing an extra round to Calm Mind.

Egg Moves

These are the moves Psyduck can learn through breeding with Pokémon of the Water 1 and/or Ground Egg Group(s). Click here for the Pokémon it can get them from.

Training Grounds

This section is to advise you on the areas in which you can train for the acquisition of the Effort Points presented above. It is recommended you use 10 vitamins on the stat you desire to raise. Do not use vitamins on stats that require less than 100 Effort Points. Equip the Macho Brace on your Pokémon to speed up the process even more.

Special Attack
Route 113 [Spinda +1]
Special Defense
Route 114 [Lotad +1] [Lombre +2] (Sapphire only)
Any Sea Route [Tentacool +1] [Tentacruel +2]
Route 118 [Elektrike +1] [Manectric +2] [Zigzagoon +1] [Linoone +2] [Wingull +1]
Fire Red/Leaf Green
Special Attack
Pokemon Tower [Gastly +1] [Haunter +2]
Special Defense
Any Sea Route [Tentacool +1] [Tentacruel +2]
Routes 13 to 15 [Pidgey +1] [Pidgeotto +2]
Diglett’s Cave [Diglett +1] [Dugtrio +2]


Item Held
Sprite of Green ScarfGreen Scarf
Calm, Careful, Gentle or Sassy
Contest Moveset
Hidden Power [Smart]
Calm Mind [Smart]
Confusion [Smart]
Psybeam [Beauty]

As in all Smart movesets, Hidden Power is a must as it can be used each turn without bother the judge or the audience. Confusion and Psybeam are both moves with different effects which should be used accordingly and combo very well with Calm Mind. Smart movesets are not perfect for appeal points acquisition as most moves usually jam others. However, with a bit of luck and the moves above you will be able to excel!

Item Held
Sprite of Blue ScarfBlue Scarf
Mild, Modest, Quiet or Rash
Contest Moveset
Water Pulse [Beauty]
Surf [Beauty]
Dive [Beauty]
Hydro Pump [Beauty]

Start by using Water Pulse which also scrambles the order of the next turn or Hydro Pump which will give away many appeal points. Be careful on your timing with the Surf and Dive combo as you might hurt yourself more. Use Hydro Pump whenever you can and start planning your next victory!

Useful Links: If you are not familiar with game language used above, read through the
Stats & Training Guide, the Team Building Guide and the Egg Group Guide. More guides shall be added soon to help you out. If you have suggestions on additional movesets for either Battles or Contests, please post them in the Comments section. I will then evaluate them and probably add some of them, giving you credit.