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Diamond and Pearl screenshots!

by Arty2

Right in the middle of our re-design, here comes Nintendo with some new Diamond and Pearl info along with screenshots. Once all is done, I shall make a proper update. What we just learnt:

  • The new region shall be called Shinou and the staring town is Futaba Town.
  • Due for Release in Japan in Autumn 2006.
  • Munchlax knows the attack Swallow. Manyula knows Revenge.
  • Munchlax can have either the Thick Fat or PickUp abilities. Manyula has the Pressure Ability
  • Diamond & Pearl is compatible with Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen & Emerald after you have done a certain task in the game, most likely defeat the Elite Four.

Sources: Serebii, Bulbanews

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