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Another three new Pokemon!

by Arty2

Nintendo keeps revealing Diamond & Pearl Pokémon in groups of three; this time we got チェリム / Cherimu, パチリス / Pachirisu and ドラピオン / Dorapion. This is what we also learn form the latest CoroCoro as reported by Serebii:

  • Cherimu is a Grass Type Pokémon. Classification of Sakura Pokémon. It has a brand new ability called Flower Head which powers itself and any teammates up when Sunny Day is in effect. It has an attack called Trouble Seed. This attack changes the foe’s ability to Insomnia temporarily.
  • Pachirisu is an Electric Type Pokémon. Classification of Electric Squirrel Pokémon. It has either Run Away or Pick Up for it’s abilities. It knows Thunderbolt.
  • Dorapion is a Poison/Dark Type Pokémon. Classification of Changeable Scorpion Pokémon. It has either Battle Armor or a new ability called Snipe which increases the base value of an attack during critical hit. It knows Poison Fang. It has an attack called Cross Poison. This attack has a high chance of Critical Hitting and Poisoning.
  • Tamanta is a Water/Flying Type Pokémon. It’s Abilities are Swift Swim and Water Absorb.
  • Perappu is now a Normal/Flying Type Pokémon. It’s abilities are Keen Eye and a new Ability called Unstable Gait which allows for evasion to increase when confused.
  • Lucario’s second ability is called Humble Heart which increases Lucario’s speed when flinched. Lucario has a new attack called Wave Guiding Bomb. It’s a Fighting Type Attack. Lucario also knows Detect and Quick Attack.
  • Munchlax has an attack called Nature Spurt which used the berry Munchlax may be holding to change the strength and type of an attack.
  • Weavile has an attack called Freeze. This attack disables the hold item that the opponent has.
  • Buizeru has an attack called Aqua Jet. This attack always hits first.
  • Evil Team is Team Galaxy who are stealing Pokémon everywhere and trief to befriend the professor.
  • Seperate rival other than the other gender. He is your childhood rival and although he is sometimes rash, he helps you along the way.
  • Bottom of Pokémon Center is for WiFi features which utilise Friend Codes.
  • Bottom Screen during battles confirmed for Menus.
  • In Battle, the bag is organised as thus: HP/PP Recovery, Pokéballs, Status Recovery, Battle Use.

Oh and if you live in Greece, make sure to check our forums because Legendary Pokémon fans are having their first open meeting this Sunday!

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