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109 (?) new Pokemon!

by Arty2

That’s it guys, a bit less than 500 Pokémon are available in Diamond and Pearl… more as it develops (it may be a few less?). So, as it seems we have 108 new Pokémon plus Manaphy’s egg…

You saw it here first: The Grass starter’s last evolution is a Grass/Ground, the Fire starter’s, a Fire/Fighting and the Water one’s is Water/Steel! We should also point out that type combinations we never saw before in the games are included, combinations such as Ghost/Dragon, Ice/Grass, Ice/Ghost, and two possible new Eevee evoltuions (numbers 470-471)! Also, we can discern many Electric and Ghost types among the upcoming Pokémon, types that are quite limited in their numbers so far.
Click here for a list of Pokémon types and Base Stats or here for all other news.

And thanks to loadingNOW from Pokeguide we now have the icons. Lot’s of new evolutions, and many spoilers!

The Diamond and Pearl section has been updated with new information concerning the upcoming Pokémon!

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