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European Pokemon Ranger.

by Arty2

Apparently Nintendo sent out their press release (english/greek) on Pokémon Ranger yesterday. It launches on 30th March 2007 (as we already knew) and will sell for €45 (as we all predicted). Nothing big here… however, make sure to get Ranger when it comes out because beside being a great game, it is the only means to obtain Manaphy for the upcoming Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.

In other news, Legendary Pokémon now has a trackback system, if you like to reference to an entry on our site from your blog or website, you can use the Trackback link provided in every entry’s full view page and let us know about your own entry. We’d also like to encourage more websites from the Pokémon community to implement this technology and thus create a tighter linked mesh of Pokémon websites.

In a sidenote, a new building, the Trainer Tower has been added to our Pokémon World Architecture section.

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