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Server moving completed!

by Arty2


If you are reading this then you are currently on our new server. Forums are not functional yet but everything should be restored soonfully functional and everything works fine.. In the meanwhile feel free to visit our chatroom or comment here. Once I am done solving problems that may arise while restoring the databases, I’ll let you know about some of our future plans. :wassat:

Now this is something of more concern to our Greek users, but I’d like to announce the creation of HPW, a Pokémon wiki for our greek fans.

Finally a little reminder: I’ll be at New York between the 4th and 12th of March. It’s absolutely certain that I will visit Nintendo World at least once (I may edit this post a day earlier) and it’s possible that I will meet with some of you; you can see how I look in our staff page.

I also arranged some promotions with our new host, DreamHost and if you ever decide to sign up for either of their hosting plans, you can use the following promo codes: LEGENDARY for one extra free domain (for as long as you decide to keep this plan) or POKEMON if you want to save $45 on any plan or even PIKACHU for a discount of up to $96!

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