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Pokemon of the Week DP: Cradily

by Ninjomewtwo



SS Tank

Item Held
Careful (+Special Defense, -Special Attack)
Effort Points
252 HP – 160 Defense – 98 Special Defense
  • Recover
  • Toxic
  • Barrier / Earthquake / Stone Edge
  • Barrier / Earthquake / Stone Edge

Without Sandstorm, Cradily isn’t a so good Pokémon. Put it in a

Sandstorm team though and this thing won’t let anything KO it. With the

sugested EPs, it has a stat of 451 in Special Defense in Sandstorm and a

Defense of 270. Which means that after a Barrier, it reaches 540. Pretty

sturdy. Toxic will slowly eat their HP as you Recover off their damage.

Earthquake is here for those Steel and Poison-types that won’t get poisoned,

but without Stone Edge, Cradily can’t do anything to Skarmory. If you feel you

don’t need the Defense boost, you can just try them both.

Surprise Sweeper

Item Held
Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
Effort Points
252 Attack – 140 Speed – 118 HP
  • Swords Dance
  • Rock Slide
  • Earthquake
  • Recover

With that awesome ability named Suction Cups, Cradily won’t fear any

stupid Skarmory coming in to Whirlwind it away. Swords Dance up to three

times, Recover any damage you receive and start sweeping. Rock Slide over

Stone Edge only for more PP. The EPs suggested set you just above Impish

Swampert but you can arrange the EPs in any way you like as long as you keep

those 252 in Attack.

Other Possible Options

Mirror Coat can be used when Sandstorm is not active. Stockpile for raising

its Defenses, sometimes it can even be better than Barrier. Rest, Sleep Talk,

Energy Ball and Grass Knot are Cradily’s only other useful moves. Cradily

cannot really boast for its huge movepool.


Steel-types are its best counters being immune to Toxic and resisting its

STABed attacks. Lucario does pretty well but fears Earthquake. Metagross can

beat it if it lacks Barrier. Skarmory sets its Stealth Rock and Spikes really

easily but the sweeping set can take it down. Jirachi will Calm Mind up on it

and KO. Finally, Heracross and other Guts users like being poisoned and can KO

back with their Fighting-type moves.

Opinion & Notes

The seemingly mediocre wall in Advance took a fantastic boost in D/P making it

able to compete in OU environment. With Sandstorm being abused in the current

metagame, Cradily may see some more use than it saw in the 3rd generation.

Being a great counter to one of the most used Special Sweepers, SpecsMence,

that adds to its positive points. Let’s hope this weird, flower-like thingy

beats the mighty Dragon!

Note that Recover

and Barrier

are egg moves.