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Nintendo sues all Pokemon websites!

by Arty2

Some of you got tricked, some didn’t – it’s April Fool’s day! Have a good month everyone! If you missed it, check our special layout which will eventually make it to the Control Panel at some point…

Breaking news: In an unpredictable and out of the norms move, Nintendo of Japan decided to sue against all fansites about Pocket Monsters and willing to shut them down or head them towards new directions. Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata, says among others, the following in the official Cease and Desist announcement issued from their headquarters:

When we envisioned the future of the franchise upon its creation, we intented to have yearly Pokémon giveways during predefined events. Unfortunately these meddling fansites put our vision in harm by uncovering secret legendaries such as Shaymin and Arceus before we decide to reveal them according to our plot.

This situation has to come to a quick end. We will make use of all the legal resources available to use in order to pursue our goal, that is tear appart the online fan community of Pokémon, and maybe go as far as to prohibit the use of our copyrighted names.

As much as we’d like to consider this an April Fool’s prank, I am afraid this is not a joke my fellow fans. We could do nothing but comply with their orders, so yours truly, without further ado changed our layout to match the above requirements. We shalt be named Legendary Courgette from now on, and that’s zucchini for our American readers, or κολοκύθιον for our Greek friends. Further changes shall be made in the following days so stay tuned!

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