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European WiFi Event for the Secret Key!

by Celesi

Secret Key

Just a quick note, to remind everyone that starting from the 8th of June until 19th of July, Platinum players throughout Europe will be able to get the Secret Key via Mystery Gift.

The Secret Key allows players to change Rotom to its different formes, so if you wish to have your Rotom turned into a fan or a toaster, you must go to the Mystery Gift option on the Start Menu, choose Receive gift via WiFi and afterwards you can pick up your gift from any PokéMart!

To enable Mystery Gift, go to Jubilife City, on the 3rd floor of the TV building, there is a TV producer. The correct answer to their question is: Everybody Happy followed by: Wi-fi Connection. Then, after saving the game, Mystery Gift can be found on the Game Menu under Continue and New Game.

You can change Rotom’s forme in a locked room inside the Galactic Building in Eterna City.