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New features in the IV Calculator!

by Arty2

I haven’t had any time to update with the plethora of Pokémon news these days, but at least I have been working on some new features for the Advanced IV & Stat Calculator (that’s a long name there). It’s a massive update (code-wise at least) and the new features include:

Effort Point data and EV training tools, Pokémon type affinity, input validation, online status detection: images automatically enabled & Version Checker. Some textual changes.

I am most excited about getting done the Version Checker and the EV training tools; I needed the latter a lot myself and thus I halted playing Platinum till I finished this.

Kudos to all of you that keep me going by supporting this calculator and translating it other languages: Spanish, Italian & Italian, Korean, Chinese and possibly more that I do not know of… Leave your notes of wisdom and possible requests for future versions in the comments below. Also report any bugs/problems as usual.

Edit: Junichi Masuda writes about an interview he gave to Gamasutra which we apparently never mentioned. Also if you live in Australia, don’t miss the Secret Key events!

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