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Pokewalker and Activity Meter teardown.

by Arty2

The Activity Meter is pedometer that is to be used with Walk with me!, calculating one’s personal life rythm.

The Pokéwalker is an advanced pedometer device bundled with Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver that enhances the gameplay in certain ways.

Both feature an infrared receiver/transmitter that allows them to connect to create a connection between an infrared enabled DS cartridge, and both use an accelerometer instead of a pendulum mechanism.

The disassembly of both devices was actually straightforward (tri-wing screwdriver required) though Pokéwalker’s LCD screen was apparently soldered and I didn’t risk putting more strain on its connectors. Here they lie side by side, opened up, with their circuits exposed.<

Size Comparison
Infrared DS cartridge

Front faces
Reverse faces

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