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Pokemon Day Idea Competition!

by Arty2

Idea Competition banner

Nintendo of Europe, located in Germany, announces [translation] an idea competition for Pokémon Day 2010. Participants can express their ideas about the event and its happenings with handicrafts, drawings or even videos and submit them till 28 February 2010. During Pokémon Day 2009, fellow German pokéfans had the chance to participate in various happenings and obtain a special Regigigas, while in 2010 they will (?) be able to download a special Arceus.

The best idea wins a 4-person trip to New York, USA, during 02-04 April 2010, along with a tour to Nintendo World Store, including flight and hotel expenses and 250€ pocket-money. Furthermore, participants that send their ideas through german fansites Filb.de, PokéWiki and Bisafans get an extra chance to win a Nintendo DSi in their colour of choice!

The participation conditions page seems inaccessible at the moment, however we believe that only German citizens can participate.

Yours truly is also intrigued about some facts concerning the winner’s trip: weekend, during spring 2010, Nintendo World New York, instead of some trip to a japanese Pokémon Center. Coincidence or perhaps a scheduled party for the launch of HeartGold & SoulSilver? Of course this just an assumption…

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