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Happy New Year x 2010!

by Arty2

Piplup Santa

Another new year sets yet another frontier, we wish you a Happy New Year, well being, endless imagination, waterproof passion, warm hearts and quality time with your beloved ones.

To mark the pass of the chronological decade, we decided to refresh our looks a little bit: the layout is dead, long live the layout! The keen observer should also notice that we now have a better integration with YouTube and Twitter, so make sure to follow us and spread the word! Opera users may notice a slight lag when scrolling, until blazing fast Opera 10.5 is released that is! Three sparkling new wallpapers are also available in our downloads page!

We also updated our Pokédex and Attack Database to include Platinum (at last!) and HeartGold/SoulSilver data! There might be some minor bugs here and there, so feel free to report them as usual and they shall be fixed before the American release.

Legendary Pokémon of the Week writer Ninjomewtwo has prepared a bunch of new articles according to the new metagame as set by HG/SS, enjoy!

Our forums have also been revamped including better structure, new categories and a matching layout along with a custom-tailored banner by forum member (and ♡-thief) Velisianna! On an additional note, our Greek fans now have a matching subcategory for every forum category and can also change the forum language to Greek!

Of course these days, nothing is complete without a matching meme, and considering our affection for courgettes, Slowpoke decided to spin some round, round for New Year’s sake!

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