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Behold: Zoroa and Zoroaaku!

by Arty2

CoroCoro scan
CoroCoro scan

CoroCoro is due for February 15th, yet some scans leaked once more in japanese image boards. Featured are the first 5th Generation Pokémon, the silhouette previously revealed on Pokémon Sunday and its previous evolution, Zoroark [ゾロアーク] and Zorua [ゾロア] respectively!


Zorua [ゾロア = Zoroa]
Evil Fox Pokémon
Type: Dark
Height: 0.7m
Weight: 12.5kg
Zoroark [ゾロアーク = Zoroaaku]
Monster Fox Pokémon
Type: Dark
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 81.1kg

The 13th movie will feature the title Phantom Champion Zoroark, while it is also stated than the next issue of CoroCoro shall reveal more details on these new critters!

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Edit: Added custom artwork by ~velisianna.

via: Serebii.net

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