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New movie 13 poster and Red/Green anniversary!

by Arty2

Movie 13 Poster
CoroCoro scan

A teaser from the CoroCoro Special website reveals that the following issue will include a new poster for the upcoming Pokémon movie, presumably along with more details or the movie’s plot and characters. [via Filb.de]

In other news, the first Pokémon games, Red & Green, were released exactly 14 years ago in Japan. The next installment of the games is expected to be released by the end of 2010. Happy birthday Pokémon!

They were only available via mail order in Japan and around 1999 a limited amount was available in shops. The graphics were similar, though not the same as in the English versions of Red/Blue, since they were an entirely different game. Due to the presence of many bugs in the code of Red/Green that caused loss of saved data in many cases, the game was re-written (with MissingNo added as an error-handler) and released in the rest of the world as Red/Blue, the Japanese Blue is actually the same as the english ones but different from the Japanese Red.

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