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Generation V Starters!

by Ninjomewtwo

CoroCoro Μay 2010
CoroCoro May 2010

The scans of CoroCoro magazine’s May 15th issue have leaked early as usual, showing not only the starters of the Generation V games, but also the trainers’ artwork! Not much is revealed about the games other than the name of the new region, which appears to be “Isshu“, and the fact that the protagonists are “older than ever before“.

More unconfirmed information posted on the japanese imageboard 2ch include:

  • The starter Pokémon are:
    • Tsutaaja (or Tsutarja) [ツタージャ], the Grass-type Pokémon, classified as a Grass Snake Pokémon, with the ability Overgrow, a height of 0.6m and a weight of 8.1kg.
    • Pokabu [ポカブ], the Fire-type Pokémon, classified as a Fire Pig Pokémon, with the ability Blaze, a height of 0.5m and a weight of 9.9kg.
    • Mijumaru [ミジュマル], the Water-type Pokémon, classified as a Sea Otter Pokémon, with the ability Torrent, a height of 0.5m and a weight of 5.9kg.
  • A post contains the phrase 「ゾロアーク入手方法」 which translates to “method of acquiring Zoroark”. It was mentioned that if you transfer the shiny Raikou, Entei and/or Suicune to Pokémon Black/White, you will activate Zoroark’s event and will be able to capture it at Lv.25. During the battle, Zoroark will copy the appearence of the legendary beasts and you will be able to catch it once it goes back to its normal form.
  • A city of the new games will be called “Hiun City” [ヒウンシティ].
  • The new region, Isshu [イッシュ], is located in a foreign country, away from previous regions which were vaguely based on Japan.
  • Zoroark’s ability will be called Illusion [イリュージョン], which allows it to copy the appearence of other Pokémon. Also, two new moves were revealed, one named Trickery [イカサマ], the damage output of which depends on your opponent’s stats, and Claw Sharpen [つめとぎ], a move that raises the user’s Attack and Accuracy stats.

Edit on 13/05: All of the above are now confirmed by the CoroCoro scans that appeared today. Check them in our Flickr archive!

The second scan that appeared a few moments ago depicts the two protagonists as well as some screenshots from the upcoming games.

Black and White starter Pokemon

And since we were the first to delve into the Origins of Pokémon, perhaps you’d be interested to know about Uroplatus phantasticus / Opheodrys aestivus the Saddleback Pig and Enhydra lutris!

Thanks to Serebii for the heads-up, forum member Adk for translating the information above and Velisianna for the artwork.