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New Pokemon and silhouette!

by Arty2


This week’s japanese tv-show, Pokémon Sunday, revealed a silhouette of a new bird Pokémon and promised even more information on Black & White next week.

What is more, at the end of the 13th Pokémon movie which first aired the other day, a short advertisement showed a new chipmunk, called Minezumi [ミネズミ] (which can learn Hypnosis, Crunch, Super Fang, Detect) and another, yet unnamed, critter with large ears. Thanks to Pokébeach, we’ve got some shots of both of them!

CoroCoro magazine is expected to circulate sometime within the week, providing more details, so stay tuned!

Edit: (breaking; to be updated) Or not: pages from this August’s CoroCoro has been leaked on 2ch:

  • depicting the silhouette Pokémon, or Wooguru [ウォーグル]. It’s a Valor Pokémon, 41 kg / 1.5 m tall, Normal/Flying, ans has either the Keen Eye ability or Encourage (also known by Hihidarma). It also lears a new move, FreeFall [フリーフォール] : a two-turn attack that first lifts the opponent in the air and throws them to the ground on the second turn.
  • another new one, called Mushaana [ムシャーナ ] which is apparently Munna’s evolution and has something to with with something called Dream Haze [ゆめのけむり]
  • which in turn is related to Pokemon Global Link
  • shown are also Rankurusu [ランクルス] is the green blob Pokémon
  • the Larvitar-like one is called Kibago [キバゴ]
  • Black City and White forest are shown!
  • Makomo [マコモ], a friend of prof. Araragi’s is shown
  • two friends of the main character: a girl called Beru and a boy named Cheren. The mystery trainer is called N

You can find all CoroCoro leaked pages in our Flickr!

Source: Filb.de, Pokébeach

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