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August CoroCoro coverage continued –

by Arty2

A few new CoroCoro pages from some pamphlet have circulated:

  • confirming the previous rumors, there’s a new feature called TV Transceiver [テレビトランシーバー] that permits video chat between 4 players locally or just 2 via WiFI; friend codes are used again and that’s obviously a DSi / 3DS only feature
  • there’s also a new Pass By feature, that allows the game to connect automatically to other players in proximity
  • the High Link [ハイリンク] is a grande online multiplayer hub, in the middle of Isshu region
  • the placement of your Pokemon apparently plays a role in the effect of attacks in triple battles, similar to the Pokémon Battrio arcade game (Japanese exclusive)
  • a new attack learnt by Gochiruzeru (the girl puppet creature), Magic Room [マジックルーム] negates the effects of all items held in battle

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More details may arise once higher quality scans are available, so keep an eye on us!!

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